Friday, 2 July 2010

Initial Hurdles: Make the prize bigger

If you're not trying to jump the hurdle, then the prize on the other side isn't great enough. If all you had to do was one little thing, and you'd be awarded all the money in the world, you would make the jump.

But people get rewarded in different ways.

And the only form of reward that is right, is the reward that works for you

So, if someone says "Playing the game should be reward enough" but playing the game doesn't make you jump the hurdle. Well, then they're not worth listening to.

What would make you jump it?

A cash reward? How much? One of the things that keeps me coming into work is getting the money to pay off my house. I certainly wouldn't do exactly the same work for free if all my expenses were magically covered by an expenses fairy.

The satisfaction of crossing something off your todo list? It works for some people.

The enjoyment of spending time with others. Its unlikely to do it for me - but I i know people who are far happier starting projects if other people are involved.

Points on a wallchart?

Seeing a line of a graph go up (or down)?

Giving yourself a sweetie... or a hunk of cake? Just for getting started?

Think about your reward - and if it isn't enough, think about how you could increase it!

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