Friday, 9 July 2010

Initial Hurdles: Run around the side

Hurdling is hard. All that jumping.

Or you can run around the side of the hurdle.

By which, I mean, why do something the hard way, if there is an easy way of achieving the same goal.

Sure - you might have to put up with running more - if you run around every hurdle you face, you'll be running twice the distance of everyone else. But you won't be jumping. And you'll still get to the finish.

So exercise isn't fun? Try dancing. Or Wii-Fit. Or anything that is fun which might involve a bit of exercise.

Cleaning might not be fun - but can you resist waiting until everyone is out of the house, tying some clothes to your feet, and polishing the floor while pretending to be a world champion figure skater? You can? Really? Deep down?

Sometimes fun doesn't last - it becomes a chore - but its a way of helping you move things on.

And if all else fails - you've had fun. And maybe won a set of perfect 10s for your attempt at the bolero.

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