Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Getting your groove back

Some ruts are nice. They work. We tend to call them good habits - noone minds being stuck in that sort of rut. It isn't really a rut at all, its a groove.

But sometimes you get out of your groove, and its hard to find your way back.

This happened to me recently.

I was writing on this blog... and then I stopped. For a couple of months. Now, I had an excuse. I was ill. The whole gluten thing. I had no energy. Which meant I hads no time. So I called it a day, stopped blogging and started just coping.

But then I stopped eating gluten, and got my energy back.

But I was out of my groove.

And I still didn't blog.

Because... well, because I had left it. I had failed. I hadn't kept up with my goal of writing for it. It was another dead project. I was a failure. And I was guilty and didn't want to have to admit to being a failure. Best to just mysteriously vanish.

So why did I come back?

Because I remembered that blogging gave me something.

It took a long time to remember this. I was thinking to myself "You know, I ought to have a reason for all this learning I do. I ought to have a place I can put the results" I was thinking about buying lots of journals and log books. Maybe writing a book. It took me hours to recall that I had a blog. and that by writing here I was achieving exactly the things I wanted to achieve.

If you had a groove, you had it for a reason.

It isn't just the groove thats missing from your life - its all the things yiou gained from the groove and all the things that motivated you to throw yourself into it in the first place.

And you've probably forgotten them.

But they won't have forgotten you.

They're probably still sitting around going unfulfilled int he back of your head.

And the groove is still there, waiting for you to jump back in.

So just becuase circumstances took you way from your groove, it doesn't mean you can't go back.

Dive back in. You'll be glad you did.

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