Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Initial Hurdles: Use softer wood

Sometimes you're going to hit into a hurdle, whatever you do. It can't be avoided. So you might as well cover the hurdle with some padding.

In the metaphor, hitting the hurdle is failing - specifically its failing to even get started. So how can you lessen the pain of this happening?

First: You can realise that failing on day 1 doesn't mean you have failed forever, or have even had a set back - just come at the hurdle again tomorrow

Second: You can choose to take on a smaller job - you may not have hurdled a high hurdle, but you have still made some forward progress

Finally: You can try to turn your failure into a success. What was it about the failure you learned about yourself - think hard: can knowing that help you come up with a way that will get you over the hurdles more often in the future? If so, on days setback is actually going to push you further forward in the future - a net win.

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