Wednesday, 5 May 2010

A problem internalised is a problem doubled

So you're worried about something? Does it seem terrible? Are you worried about all the horrible outcomes?

You've probably felt like this before? Bad, isn't it?

Do you remember what it was you were worried abot then? And all the terrible outcomes that could have happened?

But they didn't, did they? And even if they did, I bet they were not as bad as you imagined.

When you worry, you think about the worst case. And you usually forget that most things just sort of seem to work out. A year later they can even turn out to have been for the best.

So the worst part about all those terrible consequences you're imagining isn't that they might happen: its that you're experiencing them now, rather than waiting to see what actually happens.

You're treating yourself worse than any consequences ever will.

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