Friday, 28 May 2010

Initial Hurdles: Raise Yourself

If lowering the bar to overcome a hurdle doesn't help or isn't possible (damn athletic federations and their rules), then why not raise yourself.

On a normal day, I can be slow and lethargic. But I know lots of ways to become happy and energetic. I can meditate. I can buzz. I can look in the mirror and say good things to the handsome handsome face I see staring back at me.

And there are other ways I can raise my game. I can talk to people and get enthusiastic. Or I can read a book on the subject and get enthusiastic.

Or I can find a stepladder. The flylady encourages you to put on your shoes before you start cleaning, because that way you'll be prepared to go outside when you have to. Similarly, if you move your bin bags from that dark damp corner under your sink, to a convenient place in the room which always gets messiest -when you need them, you are halfway over the hurdle.

Now, this enthusiasm doesn't have to last. Generally, it won't. Its a one shot deal every time... certainly it won't go beyond the second or third time you need to do something which looks to hard to begin. But by then, there is a chance you'll be used to jumping the hurdle.

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